Madame Svea
AROMA – Ass freak used as a tribute puppet!
AROMA – Ass freak used as a tribute puppet!

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Today I am exploiting you, ass victim! And you like it, because the impressions bring you into extreme high gear! My perfect butt swings right in front of your eyes and stops your independent thinking! Your only job in this world is to function and let yourself get ripped off while you jerk off to that gorgeous ass with aroma! For me you are nothing more than an ATM from which I can take as much cash as I want. With every deep aroma breath you mutate further into exactly this form of existence - a living ATM that climbs to its peak while its balance continues to fall! As a born ass freak with a Findom passion, I trigger your weaknesses and make you forget everything else. Only one thing is still important: pay! So now follow your instincts and let my ass fuck you brain and account. Buy the clip!