Madame Svea
***AROMA*** Paytail medication adjusted!
***AROMA*** Paytail medication adjusted!

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Your symptoms are clear: nervousness, constant lust, tension. Diagnosis: victim! So you just can't have a clear thought... and therefore I will give you the right medication today to relieve you of this suffering. You will receive a very special and individually tailored aroma therapy! Because since you're already a seasoned inhale junkie, I know you need a really extreme drumming in order for us to get the results we want! Have your medication ready. It is important that you follow the instructions below exactly, after all, this is about your well-being, which is very important to me *laugh* With every breath you take, I will continue to propel you towards recovery - plump number eggs are just unhealthy, so I'll empty them for you! And at the end of my treatment you will finally be able to feel free and relaxed again... and you can still enjoy a cozy emptiness of your account!