Madame Svea
Edge and inhale yourself STUPID! (with effects)
Edge and inhale yourself STUPID! (with effects)

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Added on: 06.04.2021
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I'm making you an idiot today! Aroma brainfucks to the point of unconsciousness are exactly yours. You think it's hot to shoot yourself into delirium according to my extreme instructions and to breathe so much that it makes you stupid! Today you will completely fumigate your brain cells while edging to my nylon feet! I want you to keep going! And if you think it's enough, then it's just getting started! It's extreme, it'll make you stupid ... and that's what turns you on! Get stupid for me, become a blown jerk-off idiot! Inhaled like an idiot, you'll just watch this clip over and over until your IQ has completely gone up in smoke and you're nothing more than a completely stupid aroma zobie!