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INHALE RIP OFF – PP and NYLON FEET ruin your life!
INHALE RIP OFF – PP and NYLON FEET ruin your life!

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Can you feel the jerk between your legs? The combination of PP and my nylon feet reprograms you to a weak paypig! You need it now – hard, hot and extensive! A brain fucking aroma session that makes your cash dick as hard as possible! I want it all – all your money – again and again! You are a wallet for my perfect nylon feet! – give all for them while you inhale PP! Feel what it makes with your brain – it completely ruins your mind! And you love it! I play on that fact without any scruple – because you are nothing more than a brain fucked dumb loser! I drive you crazy with my feet, fill your brain with aroma until you can‘t resist – you will give all for me, you were born to be my wallet!