Madame Svea
INHALE X-MAS – My ASS slaughters your BANK ACCOUNT!
INHALE X-MAS – My ASS slaughters your BANK ACCOUNT!

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Yes, you are reading correct! For Christmas I will fractionalize your brain again and reconstruct you as my pay-zombie! You will function while you get stoned by following my inhale-instructions! Without a check you will do all the things my tasty ass wants you to do – your banknotes will come to me - as Christmas presents for my perfect ass! Decorate my gorgeous wetlook butt with your cash! Let the banknotes snow! I will fuck your brain until you cant resist your PP obsession anymore! You HAVE TO click the tribute button! You HAVE TO lose all your money! My Christmas present for you – an EXTREME RELENTLESS BANK ACCOUNT SLAUGHTER! Take your bottle of aroma and enjoy a very special Christmas celebration that will burn into your mind forever, cash pig!