Madame Svea
INT0X - Interactive Tribute Roulette ***EXTREME INHALE!***
INT0X - Interactive Tribute Roulette ***EXTREME INHALE!***

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Let's play a game! You can't resist this far too high risk when you see me in this mind blowing outfit instructing you... you have to try it! Fortune favours fools. We will see, wallet! It's a matter of luck how much your bank account get's fucked by me today! It is in your hands - in contrast of your brain, which got already lost, while you saw the preview of my new brain fucking inhale clip! Frequently you will have to inhale for me - not only once, pay-bitch! This is an EXTREME INT0X-SESSION for experienced PPP-VICTIMS! You will have to sniff close behind one another! And you need this! KEEP BREATHING! You will get transformed into my RIP OFF CASH WHORE that needs to pay hard!... that needs to pay often! INHALE AND GET MY LIGHT HEADED WALLET! It's a game of pure chance. Every round will bring new thrill! I fuck your brain! I fuck your bank account! I am the power that makes you weak! INHALE AND PAY, CASH BIMBO!