Madame Svea
PP INHALE BRAINWASH - my ass rips you off!
PP INHALE BRAINWASH - my ass rips you off!

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It just figured... you need it hard and extensive! Nothing kicks you more than the combination of PP inhale, my perfect ass and a rogue rip off! Give it to you now! Get light-headed - you want it! You need it! Take your small bottle of brain fucking aroma and get addicted to my great ass! - INHALE - You will become my weak-willed pay whore! - INHALE - Lose control... and give it to me! I will use it to drain you dry of money! You will become completely drunk by my hard inhale instructions and my goddess ass. You want to pay - again and again. That is what drives you crazy - my ass, inhale, stroking and paying a lot of cash!