Madame Svea
PPP – Are you hot for video games?
PPP – Are you hot for video games?

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Of course you are! And with my kind of game you are even “hot” in a double sense of the word! With a huge PPP boom and my lovely curves in the Lara outfit, your lust inevitably increases immeasurably. And that's exactly how you will inhale from level to level! I will steer you with your little joystick exactly where I want you… with every round, your cock will want to spend a lot of money! With a brain moved into other worlds you will jerk your way to the climax - and then the boss is waiting for you! Can you defeat him and drive your account towards ruin? Or is it going back to the start because the game is just to hard for you by my rules? Get your Aroma-MediPack ready now and start my game!