Madame Svea
TOILET FREAK - stoned, exposed and blackmailed!
TOILET FREAK - stoned, exposed and blackmailed!

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Your perverted lust brings you into big trouble ... and still you can't resist! Therefore, today you are not only at the mercy of me, but also of my beautiful friends. I'll tell you about our girls' evening, for which you are available to us as servant and toilet without restriction. We make fun of abusing your mouth, let you inhale deeply and lose all inhibitions! To do this, we snap all kinds of souvenir photos while we fill your greedy mouth and you can no longer think clearly. You only live in the here and now ... haha, but tomorrow comes the rude awakening! You will be dehumanized and uninhibitedly humiliated by us - that's exactly what makes my high toilet servant horny. The highlight for you is the bath tub, in which we let you swim in a very special way. The little pill that I secretly shoved in your mouth just now makes you explode in front of me and all the beautiful women - thus seals your irrevocable exposure!