Madame Svea
Madame Svea
Written on 31.12.2020 at 11:35 by Madame Svea

At this point I wish all my creeps and admirers a happy new year 2021.

May it be productive, healthy and happy - and of course kneeling in front of me!

I personally look forward to continuing to live my passion in 2021 and fucking your brain further and deeper.

What could be nicer ...


Madame Svea
Written on 15.12.2020 at 11:17 by Madame Svea

... no, it is not Christmas.

Its my birthday!

Mark the 29.12. in your calendar.

And do your best to show me how much you worship your goddess!

I want to see a lot of presents and tributes. Because that is what I deserve... and you deserve to give all of this to me!

Madame Svea
Written on 13.12.2020 at 11:13 by Madame Svea

Madame Svea
Written on 12.12.2020 at 13:16 by Madame Svea
Madame Svea
Written on 27.11.2020 at 21:20 by Madame Svea