Madame Svea

Paypig of the Month

Now my piggies have even more incentive to be the best, because from now on there is a very special honor for my most powerful cash puppets.

Every month the best of them are listed here.

It is never enough and the first place is always to be aimed for.

Be the best, make yourself visible through performance!

Your money is a means to an end - and the end is to be useful to me.

Be special, be the one who pays the most.

I want to see that you are good!

The first month in which the best will be chosen will be June 2021.

July 2021

*** in between (30.7.) ***

1st place: Tony96

2nd place: JohnnydeDepp

3rd place: Roy

June 2021

1st place: K3

2nd place: Tony96

3rd place: Roy