Madame Svea

Madame Svea - merciless Moneydom


Nothing is more tempting than the combination of beauty and might. You will be helpless, your brain will be infected by my pictures, clips and thoughts... and you will not be able to escape. You will become addicted!

Your unreachable moneymistress will rule your life. You will become mine and everything you own will so too.

My games, my rules. The only words you will be able to say are "yes mistress" and "thank you mistress".

I will transform you to a useless piece of meat, will degrade and humiliate you and take all you have! And it will make you go crazy...

I will completely mess up your brain and become the only purpose in your life. I will own you and you will serve me, live for me and give me everything.

I will recreate the laws of your life as your strong, cruel, sadistic, intelligent and beautiful goddess.

I want everything! And you will give it to me... thanking for it.



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