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CBT – Your loser balls are my PUNCHING BAG!
CBT – Your loser balls are my PUNCHING BAG!

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You know that I love it when you suffer for me! And because you are a useless loser with fat balls and a small dick, I had an fantastic idea: I let you become my special punchbag! Your loser nuts will be my fitness gadget. And so they have to adopt to a lot of pain! Take off all your clothes and kneel down, faggot… you will follow all of my instructions and punch your balls for me! As hard as you can! Feel the hurt. Finally I will give you permission to cum – given that you are able to follow my special instructions! If you are not able to – no problem! Start this clip a second time and try again… and again, and again! Squirm with pain for your goddess, punchbag! That is what you are good for!