Madame Svea
Degenerate to my Fool 06 <3
Degenerate to my Fool 06 <3

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Yes, I want you to dumb down, completely! The journey towards a brain crash goes on and on. You sink further and further and you are less and less able to think. You're becoming a fool to me. Just another puppet. Your dumbing down is progressing inexorably. An endless spiral that pulls you further and further into idiocy. It makes you so horny to destroy your brain for me and jerk off mindlessly until you can't cope anymore. Until you become completely stupid. You're degenerating into an idiot and can't imagine anything hotter. Triggered by my curves, you want it harder and harder. Your brain will be fucked to destruction. Getting dumber and dumber until you're just a drooling wanker - after all, you don't deserve anything more, cunt!