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Evolution to my CUCKOLD in 8 Weeks
Evolution to my CUCKOLD in 8 Weeks

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Report Evolution to my CUCKOLD in 8 Weeks ENGLISH Get out your pathetic little loser dickling and listen to my words, because I have big plans for you! You've known for a long time that you can't perform enough because you just don't have it between your legs. You're just not a real man because men can fuck. But I found a way you can still get what you desire more than anything else. You want me. I will make you what really brings you close to me! Over the next eight weeks you will complete very special tasks for me, with which I will raise you to be my perfect cuckold. It will be hard for you, more than hard, because you will certainly not like everything, some things will also totally repel you at first. But I do not care. And you will overcome yourself to prove yourself to me. Look forward to the coming time, it will have a lasting impact on you and change the fundamentals in you! Be mine, forget your present self... yet you cannot imagine what you will soon do for me!