Madame Svea
FACE WORSHIP - Seduction to give up yourself!
FACE WORSHIP - Seduction to give up yourself!

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I am as beautiful as a flower. Especially my face catches your eyes whenever you look at it. You lose yourself in my eyes, to my sensual full lips. It's like paradise on earth to be able to admire me. You can never get enough of it. And so a wish has manifested itself in you that burns indelibly deep in your heart: You want to serve me and receive attention from me for it. It is your greatest wish that I see you! ... so show me the picture of what I want to see of you. Put your life in my hands, be useful to the most beautiful of the beautiful. It will fill your life to be able to work for me. Your reward will be a life in my shadow. For that you give yourself up ... and you feel joy!