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GYROS GIRLS - CEI: Give us your Donkey Milk!
GYROS GIRLS - CEI: Give us your Donkey Milk!

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Oh yes, today we want to milk you! Because in Crete, Lady Stefanie and I learned that donkey milk is said to work wonders. Curious as we are, we now have to find out as quickly as possible whether this is really the truth. We have chosen you as our donkey of choice and tease you hard with our hot shiny asses in order to get a large portion of loser slime out of you. Of course, our test subject doesn't let his guard down and throws his stinking cream in large quantities out of his crippled Cretan palm. Give us your donkey milk! Yes, we want it. Did you ever dream that you would hear something like this from us? You can jerk off your disgusting juice directly onto our plump patent asses. Does donkey milk work? Well, we'll probably never find out, because then we'd rather you eat the slimy shit than let it continue to work its magic on our hot asses. Disgust wins over curiosity! So we only wish you one thing: bon appetit! (German language)