Madame Svea
GYROS GIRLS - Freundinnen teilen alles
GYROS GIRLS - Freundinnen teilen alles

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… you, too! Because shared suffering is half suffering and is more than appropriate for a total failure like you. Your misery is anything but easy to bear. And that's why from now on you not only have to compensate your actual mistress, Madame Svea, but also her friends for your disastrousness. From now on you are the property of Lady Stefanie, Cruel Reell and Madame Svea. And your chaste pay dick will love it when they milk you together and make it very clear to you that you are nothing more than pay meat. Would you like a sample? You can have it! All good things come in threes - you will now experience that firsthand, a willless victim. Humiliation and financial fuck to the power of three and you chaste loser cunt are on cloud nine! From now on our will is law and your account belongs to us! You only exist for our pleasure! (German language)