Madame Svea
Mindless Account-Rape
Mindless Account-Rape

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It is impossible for you to resist me. Everything about me makes you horny and tempts you to be stupid for me. And today I'm going to help this fact out in a very special way... I'll let you fuck your brain until all you know is that you have to send, send, send! That's your only focus because that's all I want from you. Round after round you lose more of your mind as you follow my instructions like a fool. That's exactly what you want, that's exactly what you need! My words are commands... and it's so nice just to obey. Just a puppet, that's all you are. A jerk off sucker, a living ATM I'm gutting like a Christmas goose. For me you have only one purpose and I make you live it. My power keeps sucking you in. Again and again you send your cash in obediently and gratefully. I just fuck your brain and your account like no other! Take your pay dick in your hand and buy the clip now, cash cunt. And then do what you were born to do!