Madame Svea
Through Psydom into Pay Addiction 03
Through Psydom into Pay Addiction 03

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Like you got a choice, pay whore. My Mindfuck penetrates deep into you and fucks the cash out of you from the inside! Yes, your brain is my toy. I simply make you what I want. And I want you to be just a pay cunt. Turn off your brain, because thinking doesn't suit you. You already know exactly what's going on now - and that makes your cock hard, makes it drip abnormally. I drive you into a pay addiction, mercilessly and irreversibly. Just another pay whore who can't help but push the button again and again. Yes, that's exactly how I want you. You can't escape this addiction, no chance! Your cock can't help it, he just HAS to do it. Manifest your destiny and live your pay addiction!