Madame Svea
Facesitting Ripoff - Pay for Breathing!
Facesitting Ripoff - Pay for Breathing!

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Today I'm going to drive you crazy and rip you off! My perfect ass regularly takes your breath away. But today I'm going to use this fact for myself in a slightly different way! And I won't stop until you do what I want from you! I don't care if you get air under my sexy buttocks or not - I won't get up off your face again until you press the tribute button! Pay to breathe, Piggie! A breathtaking game in which I keep taking your cash round after round! I mercilessly rip you off while my ass takes your air... and you love to be used by me like that! You feel my greed while I keep pressing my cheeks in your face. You have no choice but to keep sending! The final has a particularly tough test in store for you. Pass it and get your reward - or suffocate! There are only these two options...