Madame Svea
Hard Sniffing Paypig
Hard Sniffing Paypig

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Well, cash cunt… fancy for some account fucks and delusions of lust? Of course you are! There is nothing you love more! So today is your lucky day. Because today it's finally that time again: I'll bring your brain mercilessly into seventh heaven! As a cash cunt with an affinity for sniffing, you can't resist. No, on the contrary, all you can think about is finally being used by me again. You take a deep sniff and I'll rip you off without mercy! What else… after all, that's what you're there for. It's easy for me because I take advantage of your olfactory weakness - sniff whatever you want. The main thing is that it makes you pretty horny for me, horny for sending! I'm greedy and that makes you really hard. You lose control more and more. It turns you on, drives you crazy. I fuck your account and you love it, you beg for more. Haha, I give it to you! Your cock twitches and your brain shuts down. You can't help blowing your hard-earned cash for me! So let it fizzle out, just like your mind. Only a ripped off ass victim remains who has lost the last bit of brain. Do it!

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