Madame Svea
HEEL-OHOLIC! - About Nylons and Rivets
HEEL-OHOLIC! - About Nylons and Rivets

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One thing your brain just fucks over and over again: heels on nylon legs - soft and hard. As a heeloholic, you're always on the lookout for your drug. And so your eyes will quickly catch on my new heels. Each of the rivets is individually imprinted in your brain and lets you succumb to temptation. My nylon legs and the red satin dress do the rest. You are like one of those rivets - you stick to me and you are in the right place at the bottom of my feet! That's the way it is with rivets ... they are nothing and fulfill a strictly defined purpose without which they are useless. You know exactly what I mean, little insignificant rivet. Buy the clip and serve under my heels!