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WEAKLING – My training ruins your ego!
WEAKLING – My training ruins your ego!

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Exactly that is the kind of clip, you need to see! On your knees I permit you to admire me while I am doing my upper body workout. These impressions show you, who you are: nothing more than a PATHETIC WEAKLING! Small, weak and nothing more than a beta-loser. You will never be as strong as I am, faggot! You will never become a real man. I can see this clearly! You were born to kneel infront of me and admire my FEMALE SUPREMACY! Thats why all you get from me is pure ignorance in combination with some posing, that destroys your ego! Look at my strong arms – you are nothing more than a weakling! Now and forever! I am laughing about your weakness! You are no man, loser!