Madame Svea
BLACKMAIL – send Hush Money <3
BLACKMAIL – send Hush Money <3

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Your horniness once again gave you no choice but to fall into my trap. You idiot didn't stand a chance. What did you think how to proceed now? That I'll let you get away? that I don't laugh. I'm greedy and I'll let you feel it. I know it makes you horny, your dick already stands for me. Your life is mine now. And you victim are going to get fucked financially to squeeze hush money out of you. If you don't, I can't guarantee your secrets will stay mine. That would quickly turn your life into rubble... and I wouldn't have a problem with that, because I have no mercy on you, cunt. I don't care about you, only your money is of interest to me. Of course, I support you in your in a very special way, so that it will be easier for you to implement one demand after the other. I'm that good to you. And now get the clip! Your secrets are expensive - but you have no choice, blackmail victim.